Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Verbose I think is the word I'm looking for

Tuesdays are my Do As Little As Possible Day.  Today I think we achieved this.

<-- This is my To Do list.  I have made biscuits, washed the nappies and one other load, made lunches for 3 boys, cleaned the toilet, and hung out online.  *When* I get dressed I will clean the shower at the same time.  Which is possibly why I'm not dressed yet.  Avoidance of Work.

At 1:10pm.

I have to pick the kids up from school, so it'll happen.  You can all breathe again now   :OP

What have I been doing online all day you ask? yeah I know you didn't ask, but Ima gonna tell ya anyways....  I have been chatting to Twitterkin, reserving books at the library, reading random items posted by folk - although not many too be fair, as I have a headache and can't be bothered so much today - I have also been checking out christmas gift ideas for a certain SirTalksALot on trademe.   Oh yeah, and listening to this little ditty  which I couldn't get out of my head after seeing it  here  yesterday.  Well, I couldn't get one line of it out of my head.  See how you go.

The Monkey has awoken from his nap, and I'm still not dressed so I will less you in peace to attend to that now.  Have fun!!   :OD

Wow! actually managed to keep it short today! *amazed* 

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