Thursday, December 9, 2010

A coupla things

Sweeeeeet!  Is getting my pic in the local paper from santa parade on weekend. In my fairy tutu - not that you can really see it. Waving my arm around like a loony. Bubbles floating over my head.

Not so cool.  The boys deciding that instead of watching tv they needed to turn everything off and rearrange the christmas tree lights. *sigh* I wanted to threaten them with taking all the lights away. For the rest of christmas. But then what do I have to look forward to?! Twinkly lights are the best bit about christmas. Last year I managed to leave ours up till this september. Sans the tree. Naturally. That would be lame.  But lights?  *happy sigh*  Spaarkly!

Noice.  My new baby. Ukulele. Isn't she gorgeous? *happy sigh*  *bliss*  Now to just learn more than 3 chords and memorise some songs to play with the kids, at home and at Playcentre. Oh! I know. I'll do it in my spare time! Yeah. Totally. That'll work. ;O)

Crappy is not getting to sleep till 1am, coz I had a meeting, then a child decided 1030pm is the time to feed for an HOUR AND A HALF.  :O{  By which time another child woke coz his bed was wet and wanted cuddles.  Not cool. 

I have too many children. 

Hopefully today is better, coz the sun is shining. :O/


  1. Oooh I bought a red ukulele (to match my kitchen of course) and haven't learnt more than one chord. We should so learn together! When my second child learns how to sleep more in one go...

  2. Oh yeah Definitely!! They recommend getting together with others and playing. There is websites out there with music and chords so should be easy peasy!
    We could be The Crazy Mamas - and if we get some guys to join us we could be The Crazy Mamas and The Papas :OD