Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oh yeah, this writing thingy

Ok, so sorry. I haven't forgotten you all my lovelies. Don't feel bereft. I am still here. 

It's just the summer holidays started, all the kids are out. Yes. All 6 of them are home all day. It ain't pretty.  Not aided by the rain. 

In truth that hasn't slowed them down too much. By the afternoon they are still running outside to play with the hose (monkey & SirTalksALot), in the paddling pool (Darling Girl & Dude & Padawan) and on the swing set, or just running round crazy gettting fresh air. And wet in the rain. Which is all good with me, coz by afternoon I'm done with the constant asking for shit. If it's not one of them it's another.  Did I mention I had six (count them - 1,2,3,4,5,6) kids. 

And that was yesterday. The first day of 6 weeks of holidays.  

This does not bode well.  (check out those fancy words would ya?  bereft. bode.)

This of course was all compounded yesterday when the drier died. For the second time in 6 months.  Did I mention the rain? and the 6 kids? do you know how much washing 6 kids can produce??  And I'm not that fussy about them running round in slightly dirty clothing. But not peed on clothes. Sadly The Dynamic Duo are still working on the "fully toilet trained" concept so we still have a fair amount washing thanks to them *sigh* 

But in all honesty none of that is why I haven't managed to post in the last few days. Even spending all day with good friends - which was sooo wonderful!! Thanks for visiting us M clan! - wasn't enough to stop me.  I was perplexed by a puzzle that came up over the weekend....

If we have different names for different sizes of water craft: yachts, dingys, boats, RIBs, canoes and cruise ships; why are all sizes of craft used in space travel called ships? Rocket ships. Space ships. 

Why is that?  :O.

Good luck with sleep!!  Nighty night.  ;O) 


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