Thursday, May 5, 2011

*phew* Day Four and counting

Settling in on Day 1. Bell hadn't even gone yet!
All that worry for nothing so it would seem. 

We have had 4 days of school now for our Dynamic Duo, well we're part way through day 4, and it's going well. They are happy to get dressed in their uniform. Happy to be dropped off. And happy when I pick them up.  Not a dribbly screaming mess.

And the school hasn't been razed to the ground either!! Nor the teacher a screaming dribbly mess when I pick them up. (seriously tho - she's an amazing teacher, with not the easiest reception class I've ever seen. *take my hat off to her* she's even still able to summon a smile at the end of the day!)

So. YAY!!  

And on that note, I race out the door to start the "checking out colleges (high schools) process for Pandawan.

It never ends.  *LeSigh*  :O|  
I think Dude gets bored unloading the dishwasher....we've started getting "Bowl Art"  :OD

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