Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Pressure

So this is my 100th post. 

I wanted to do something special for this post.

But it's not gonna happen.  Life keeps conspiring to keep me crazy busy, so that I don't have a lot of spare time - with books that I wanna read before they are due back at the library; tv programs I wanna watch; and oh, yeah, kids that need real life interactions and all I haven't had time to type.

Also, Captain Awesome and I have been working through some stuff. Nothing major. Just stuff we have to talk through, and when we're both tired, and hence cranky it's hard to keep talking.

I stumbled over an album I haven't listened to for a while, and funnily enough it's the soundtrack to one of the first movies Captain and I saw together at the movies.  There's a track near the end that I wish we'd played as our "first dance" at our wedding.... it kinda just sums up how I feel about him. And Us. 

So, that will have to do for my 100th post. Hope you like the tune. I will try to tune in more often.....  and thanks for listening to me ramble  :OD

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