Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My week so song!!

I got in the car (read: monster kid mobile *ahem* van) on monday morning, turned the key and 


Yay. Flat battery. 

but, *shrug* you know, Yay for mum not working so able to drop what she was doing and come pick my kids up for school. Yay for older 2 being happy to run to school coz they wouldn't fit in nana's car. Yay for the school being understanding. Yay for the AA man coming to recharge the battery. Yay for having a job I could do 30 mins away and no fixed in stone schedule, so it wasn't that much of a hassle to change them and go for a drive.

And yay for not having any plans on tuesday, owning a battery recharger and having  a Dad who awesomely taught me "boy skills" so I could come home late when Captain was already asleep, remove the van battery (in the dark yo!)  and hook it up to the charger for 24 hours.  I also unhooked it last night and put it back in the van this morning before school.

I's rockin!!  :OD

Also this week I have been on a bit of a Nina Simone kick.....I have a greatest hits (or something similar) cd in the car, been listening to is exclusively since last week sometime. 

She is the awesomesauce.  
If you don't know her, start with this track.....
then YouTube a bunch more. I swear you won't be disappointed.  *happy sigh*

yeah, mornings aren't a pretty time for me
Today's funny comment by a kid: I know I know, but it was so cute I had to share it!!  My brother helped us get a huge sheepy skin  "it's so fluffly"

This morning SirTalks was apparently in our room "checking out the Wampa skin"  :OD

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