Sunday, May 15, 2011

one more then I'll stop I promise.....

I was gonna post this the other day, but Blogger did be broken.

Eating comments and not letting me post, just read.  They promise it be (mostly) fixed now......

I just can't seem to get enough of Nina at the moment.  :OD

and one more for the boys!  (see if you can figure out why!)  ;O)

It's not the original version of that track - but I loves it coz it's so "upbeat" 

This coming week I am packing coz me and Monkey are heading away up to the Playcentre Conference. I am soooooo *Buzzed*  I LOVES me a flight on a plane!!  Also the conference is going to be wicked - a huge learning curve, massively exhausting probably coz of having to focus all the time, plus late nights. But such an opportunity to extend my learning and knowledge, and even just sit and watch & learn from people who have been around the block way more times than me!!  *bounce*   And I'm heading up with some awesome people from my Association, so that in itself is cool: a chance to get to know these people a bit better.  I can't see how I can lose!!   :OD


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