Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suckered in.....

And it was beeeew-ti-ful!!

No. I'm not talking about the lack of sleep I got last night, thanks to Monkey deciding that feeding for an HOUR is a good thing at night.  *bleurgh* 

I'm talking about what I wasn't going to watch. The thing that had me rolling my eyes at 6pm when I tuned in for the news forgetting that that as it normally is wasn't happening. Also that I was going to boycott coz I like ending my week watching 7Days. How else do I know it's time for bed on a friday?!?

The Royal wedding. Those 2 babies getting hitched. (well, they look young to me!! I think it's a sign I'm getting old. Even the British PM looks young to me!  Argh!!)

I got suckered in, thanks to all you peeps on The Twitter tweeting like crazy about it.  And once Captain Awesome had dragged his tired arse off to bed, I had control of the tv and could watch it without him rolling his eyes and groaning at me. I am glad I tuned in when I did - when the ACTUAL wedding bit started. Coz all that Pre-Game Hype just drives me bat-shit crazy! 

It's probably why we don't watch sport here in Chez ToastFairy.  Ugh. 

So, suckered in I was.  And I have to say I was impressed. Impressed with the way She looked mostly relaxed,  confident.  Impressed by Harry chatting with his big brother as they waited at the front.  Impressed by him saying she looked beautiful when she arrived next to him.  "aawwwwwwwww!!"   Squeeeee.  

I was also impressed with the choreography of the police and miltary in crowd control - so amazing!!  And who could not be impressed by all those sparkly shiny guards on horseback?? ;O) 

Captain just made me realise they had fluffy hats on too - maybe that's why I like them?  They are "Spaaaaarkly" (it's about 2:30min in, but watch all of it. coz I said! + it's funny)  and also "So Fluffy!!"

And it was amazing to see the people out in force. Most of them well behaved, loving the day, and for all the talk of not wanting royals anymore - they seemed pretty chuffed for the couple. 

The kiss on the balcony was sweet. (yes I know!! it was late - 1225am - but after feeding Monkey for an hour then putting him to bed at 12am, I didn't see the point in *not* waiting for the wavey bit)

I'm glad I did wait. Coz right at the end was my favourite shot of the day. I'm not entirely sure why, but this was, for lack of a better word, Neat. 

Hmm. No, that's not the right adjective. I dunno.... you check it out.    Beautiful, just beautiful   (I tried to imbed the pic, but it wouldn't let me - sorry. bout all the linksy thingys)   

But now, I think I'm gonna go have a nap or something. The Dynamic Duo starts school on monday and they need school shoes.....that should be a fun trip.  Esp with GingerNinja, in all his Speech Delay Glory clearly saying "No! I don't want to go to school."  yay.  :O/

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