Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts. I'm sure I had some here. Somewhere.

Four O'Clock and all's well!!

ok, so no one's dead. But it's about the same right??  Coz often round here, about now, I lose the will to live. Let alone cook dinner, feed the baby, or interact with the children. As lovely as they are.   

Hang on a second. Have to sign homework. 

Great and then coz I'm trying to feed while I type I hit "publish" instead of "save draft"  *facepalm*
Tried wearing my boots today....

Annnnnnnnd the kids have turned ferral. I dunno what they have been eating today (nothing out of the ordinary) but they're running round, being extra noisy in their games, and nagging me for shit.  Can we just blame the weather? Or some cycle of the moon? Yeah that's a good one!  Moon = Lunar = Lunatic.  That sums them up today My Tribe Of Lunatics.  

And henceforth they shall be known as such. 

My Darling Little Tribe of Lunatics.  :O.

Ah, I am sooooo blessed.

So I wore my comforty boots instead
In case you missed it too, and coz I'm sure not *all* my readers live in the same region as me my beautiful kids were on the front page of the paper last week, coz of all the milk we drink. I was keeping my kids outta the interwebz as best I could, but then it was on  and friends linked to it on thefacebook. so *sigh*  #ParentingFail there.

But at least I got lots of compliments about how Gorgeous my kids are.  and they are. Even when they are re-inacting Lord of the Flies in our front yard.  *sigh*  :OD


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