Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's winter already

And do you know how I know??

This is our crappy arse shower and I -still- don't wanna get out of it in the morning.

Ok, sure we have heat to the dribble. But tweak it even the slightest bit and it's cold. Go back a smidgen the other way and your skin gets burnt off.

Maybe I exaggerate a little.   A little.  It still sucks arse though for a person who loves water.  And finds solace in her morning shower. 

Also, it's just about the wrong size on the small side that I'm always bumping the dial handle with my elbow when I'm washing myself, or trying to shave my legs.  

But for all that crappiness......I still love me a shower in the morning, and don't wanna get out to face the world. 

And that's how I know it's winter. Coz in summer it's warm and therefore the slight warmth eminating from the piddling water flow doesn't entice me to stay put!  ;OD


  1. I've had bare legs every day this week. Too warm for pants. Yay for real, long summer!!! Our shower isn't much better though. We don't even have a mixer. Getting the temperature right is a fine art. Which I have yet to master. Most mornings I just settle for lukewarm.

  2. That shower would not encourage me to want to get up and moving in the morning. You'll have to convince Brendon to buy you a new shower head like ours. Unfortunately, it makes it very hard to get out of the shower once you are in.