Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ah, The Lovely Circle of Life...... :O/

Today's post is brought to you by Bjork (yeah and I know that should have a thingy over the o but I couldn't be bothered looking for it on my English keyboard - sorry!! I love her music tho, surely that is homage enough?!)

*BigBreath* when I get to feeling like this.....

Captain Awesome pants does this for me.....

Which is lovely and makes things all better again. Which is kinda what he did this week. He's awesome like that.  

And I usually ruin it by going all like this....

But hey, we all have our little foibles don't we? It's what those who love us, love us for.

Well, I hope it is. Otherwise I'm in some big trouble here!!  ;OD

Postscript = I don't think I've ever watched that last video clip before. But I have been listening to this album for years and years and years....Thanks Big Lil Brother for introducing me to this awesome talent.  *huuuuuuug*  :O) 

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