Sunday, April 10, 2011

Survival is Possible

I was waiting till after saturday to write a big long post about The Event - namely the Dynamic Duo's joint 5th birthday party.

But you know what?  Buggerit I'm just too knackered.  

So. you're gonna get some stats. some pics. and you'll be happy about it too!!  :OP

We had 24 kids. 18 adults.  Give or take a few.  Thank god we were down at Playcentre not trying to squeeze all that into our house. Now our place isn't teeny, it has to house our wee Tribe of Lunatics, but still....

They played with the hose, actually 2 hoses, in the sandpit. As my brother asked "does the sandpit *ever* dry out?!"  In answer, sometimes. Not often.  :O)
They had pipes and funnels attached to the sunshade posts, tipping coloured water from the water trough down these, and onto each other.  No, Darling Girl wasn't soaked through head-to-toe, chasing Ginger Ninja round and round and round and round. Not my wee girl. She's dainty and tidy and demure. Just like her mum.   *snort*  yeah, right!! I hear you chorus!! 

They also had bubbles and dressups happening too. Then we cleaned them up and fed 'em (coz we are nice adults) and ourselves.  Let the frenzy of present opening begin!!

It was insane. I think it's just boys. and 2 of them opening at the same time! But the paper flew, and I was hard pressed to keep up with what SirTalks was given. Captain was supervising Ninja, so I have *no idea* what he got. And less who from. Captain doesn't monitor those kinda details.....

We watched a wee girl (2 days older than my monsters boys) open her gifts today (yes another day, another party both at Playcentre, so a little confusing for Ninja who thought all those lovely gifts were for him too. Never mind that 90% of them were wrapped in pink....
ANYways! My point here was that she opened her gifts so nicely, sedately, reading all the cards (and she can read - she is sooo awesome!) and flicking thru the books.  So different it was weird to watch. Nice. But weird compared to the previous day.

Then there was cake.  CAKE-S.  *eyeroll*  I'm never having twins again.

Dude's cake from last year - with a bionicle ontop
here's the thing about cakes in this house. I foolishly, foolishly got in the habit of asking the kids what kinda cake they wanted. The older kids got used to having a plain cake covered in lollies, or lego models. Or both. All going well.
SirTalks 2010 = Clutch Powers!!!

Somehow the little ones have yet to cotton on to this way of doing things for the sake of my sanity.   so we had a colossal squid cake (he changed his mind in the last week - he had asked for a colossal squid eating a plane!)

I was SUPER pleased coz it *actually* looked like a colossal squid!!!

Then I had to come up with something for Ninja. Last year I did bugs and a flower on his cake.

 I had to come up with something different, even though he's still really into bugs.  I dunno why, but I wanted it to be super cool too. Maybe I was compensating for his lack of language, which sometimes means he misses out (altho we try not to let that happen), or coz he so often just plays by himself, in his own head. Or maybe it's coz he's ginger.  *shrug*  anythings possible!!

Finally, about a week ago it hit me. What he really likes, and has liked for a while now - Where The Wild Things Are. He LOVES that book. He has a few puppets that we found for him that he sleeps with. Sleeping with a toy with that boy is a sign of love, even if he doesn't play with it during the day.   And so I dreamed of this.... 

*side note - coz I'm making 2 cakes in one day, they do get a smaller cake. I take my standard birthday cake recipe (Destitute Gourmet's Dana's Chocolate Cake) and cook it in 2 loaf tins.  1x the effort = 2 cakes. "now there's thinking lass!" :O)

He sailed off through night and day...
and in and out of weeks and almost over a year....
I'm kinda proud of these cakes. But I have also kinda set the bar a little high.  This does not bode well for next year. Or even for Monkey's 2nd birthday coming up in a couple months :O/  altho, that is a couple months away, maybe inspiration will strike.

Not likely though.  :O.  


  1. that cake recipe is Jase's favourite too :)

  2. I have no idea how many times I've made that choc cake, it rocks!
    PS sides hurt from giggling, this was one funny blog post today!! and your cake decoratorrrr skills rock.

  3. thanks!! @Shorty glad I made it funny. Wasn't feeling the funny so much when I was writing it - having Monkey screaming cause he had dropped the book he'd been reading in bed, then not settling. THEN writing until latelatelate at night is not usually amusing. well, not for me. Maybe for folks watching.... *yawn* jeepers.
    Think those lazy scientists have made that Sleep Vaccine yet?!

  4. That is definitely a colossal squid! Nice work you! And to you and the Captain congrats on meeting this milestone with your dynamic duo. They're fab, your both amazing... enough said.