Friday, April 15, 2011

Thanks Fuck For That.

Yes I dress like this in public  :O)
It's the end of term.  Thank Fuck.

I don't think I could face getting outta bed again. In the morning. *don't panic* it's not that bad.  But as previously discussed - I'm not much of a morning person.

I do them. But only coz I have to. Only coz the kids can't drive themselves anywhere yet.  Even though they can drive me up the wall. *thinks* how does that work i ask you?!  ;O)
And why has it been such a long arse term?  Fucken. Rugby.  

They lengthened the first two school terms of the year to 11 weeks each to accomodate the rugby world cup (and NO. it doesn't deserve capitals. Bite Me)  Do we get longer holidays later in the year? I hear you ask.   Um.   No.  We don't. How arsehat is that?  Muchness I believe is the answer there.

So, anyways. On that note, I celebrate with a vodka and coke.  What do you mean it's too early in the day for that??  pish.  Also, I should note, it was more like a coke and vodka such was the weak strength as I know I still have to pick the kids up (see reference earlier to their slack driving skills) and it's not a good look being pulled over for drunk driving while the kids are in the back.

I may be crazy.

I may be delusional.

I may like me a little tipple.

But it'll be a cold day in hell when I let myself be *that* parent.  nuh-uh.  "not gonna do it"  (not even -I- can remember where that quote is from. But I hear it in my head like a quote from a movie, so hence the speech marks)  (and I might have even remembered it wrong too)  #FuckenWIN  :O/

And now to survive 6 kids at home for 2 weeks.  Somehow I should get a sleep in or two. They are capable of getting themselves breakfast. Cereal too. They is good and don't eat candy and shit for breakfast if I'm not around.  SHHHHHHH don't tell them it's an option!!!  Sheesh.  
They even feed Monkey.  Good wee kids.

They don't always avoid sounding like they are killing each other while they get breakfast unattended tho......  

Time to start the holidays!!  Yippeee!!  *sarcasm much?*  :OD


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