Monday, April 4, 2011

ow ow ow son of a bitch ow ow *phew* thanks!!

I went out saturday night. It was a friends 40th so I had to go, reagardless of feeling exhausted (as previously discussed. Many, many times! *sigh*) Also, she's an awesome lady and I was honoured to be invited. So in honour of her it being her 40th, a special Grown Up Age, I dressed in my serious clothes......

I got almost half way there and realised -thanks to Supergroove - that I was wearing the wrong top. So I raced home again to change. These things are important. 

I left my scarf and bag in the car, picked up my black velvet coat, swapped my top for a shirt, got Captain to take another shot and then left home again.  

I was only a couple hours late for the party, but that didn't matter as it went into the wee hours anyways....
I think Captain did something sqwiffy to the camera, coz I look all squat in this pic, but you get the idea.

Today's news!! 

I went to the doc and got him to dig that blasted piece of glass outta my foot. I'm kinda bendy, but I just couldn't get so I could get it out of my heel.  erm.

It took a bit of digging. then deciding he needed a finer pair of tweezers (I'm sure I mentioned to him that I had tried to get it out already).   ANYways....he dug around for a bit longer - I swear it felt like he was just pushing it back in as punishment for me being stupid enough to step on glass in barefeet in the first place. In my own kitchen. What a stupid place to be barefoot. Honestly LilToastFairy. COME ON!!!

One last big push (hey this sounds familiar) and he got it out.  The little fucker was a 5mm shard.  OW. No wonder my foot has been sore and it hurt to walk on it.  

Altho, in chatting afterwards while he put a dressing on it (I paid $41 I'm getting the full service thanks!!) he commented that I mustn't have been walking on my foot that much (um. Hello? It hurt like FUCK of course I'm not walking on it! #Asshat). Apparently most people will walk on a foot with glass in it, so that it pushes up further into the foot so the docs can't see to get it out. 

I'd like to end with this observation - even though it's not a new observation -  This is just more proof.  Most People Are Stupid.    >:OD 


  1. .... ummm you're gonna have to explain the Supergroove top thing :p

  2. *commence head banging now* "when you're wearing your white shirt, I can see what's in your pockets" altho, this is a better version that I can give ya (ignore the vid tho *ack*) :OD