Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot Cross Buns Are Hard

Well, at least mine were....   :O/

After 3 batches were put in the breadmaker I realised that I was putting the fruit in too early and this *might* be the reason they weren't rising. 

Then I proceeded to forget to put the crosses on 2 batches of them.  From henceforth these crossless hot cross buns shall be known as TombStones. (it fits in with the Christian Easter Theme too!)

Then when the fourth batch was in the breadmaker we realised (we = I had my mum here helping out with the thinking and eating, along with Captain Awesome who used to be the main bread baker of the house), so we realised that we were using the wrong yeast. *facepalm*  I used Surebake, like I do in all my other bread stuffs. The recipe said to use Active Yeast.  and look at that there -IS- a difference.  

I'm over easter buns now.  SO over them. 

I might try making them again next week. I wanna kick that sucker to touch. Get them right this time!!

But, ah, this was just one of the litany of errors that was my easter weekend......

I managed to put my wedding rings (one of which is my only REAL diamond ring) through the washing machine  *facepalm* 

I mentioned the failed, slightly burned bums, and forgotten crosses of my easter buns  *facepalm*

And there was more. I know there was more. But I can't now remember what it was that went wrong *facepalm*  There must have been more than that, or I wouldn't have come up with the phrase "litany of errors" And yeah, ok  *sheesh* I know it's not really a litany per se. But isn't it a cool phrase? I think it's a cool phrase and I just wanted to use it.

On the up side, Easter holidays has meant that my Big Lil Brother has come up from Quakey Town to visit, and brought with him our sheepskin 

and coz Dad hasn't sent thru the pic of me on the sheepskin (on the table) I will just have to  leave you with this clip, and you'll have to just imagine how lovely our new Sheepy is   *happy sigh*  :OD

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