Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I did Nothing. I learn it from a book.

Oh yeah. I got my hair cut too   ;O)

There's nothing to report. As I have been doing nothing. 

Well, mostly. 

I spent a lot of monday in bed, reading. Thanks body for sucking at the monthly thing now. oh yeah, and thanks kids for messing with my body on your way through.  *CHEERS!*  :O.

Yesterday I took the Tribe of Lunatics to the dentist - all is well. Their teeth are "a credit to mum"  me that is. I added that Captain Awesome helps lots too  :O)

Then we crusied over to my mum's place and hung out.... Knitting. Me and mum. Darling Girl did some too, but she is just learning, isn't very focused so makes mistakes and then gives up. Not so awesome.  And here I thought she had learnt perseverence at Playcentre. Maybe she did. And then unlearnt it at school.  Cool.  

Fun tho, coz Dude wanted to learn to knit too. Nanna taught him french knitting (you use a cotton reel with nails hammered into it), Padawan took to it too.  It was quite a nice relaxy afternoon.  Just what I needed. 

And then we were a bit late home, so Captain AWESOME had cooked dinner.  I could get used to this.  

He tells me not to though  *sigh*  

Ah, well, a girl can dream right?   :OD

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