Friday, April 29, 2011

Things in my head....

Getting dressed was too hard today. So here's me in my pj's :O)

And thoughts as what to write about today led me to hearing a tune in my head, so I thought that I would share some with you lovelies!!

So, I love music. And I often have tunes pop into my head.....when I'm in the shower, or just pottering around dying a little inside doing the housework.

Here's an example of the electic, weirdness that resides musically in my head.
Hrm, thanks Dad for raising me believing that this was normal music that everybody else was listening to. Altho I will admit, I have many fond memories of enjoying music as a family, singing along. And the sense of achievement when I not only knew the words, but could singalong with Rolf without missing a beat!    #SmallTownEntertainment

Then there's this.  A recent addition, courtesy of my Lil Brother.....

Ahhh.....just the tune I need to be humming to the kids. 

Mind's better than any of this guy's songs.... A favourite of which I hum to console myself when I'm having a bad day

So, that's a little look inside my head.....musically at least.  Scared yet??  ;OD

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