Friday, April 1, 2011

Exhaustion is a Bitch, and She's Made Me Her Slave

using red lipliner as eyeliner to match my bloodshot eyes.  And check out those black rings baby!!  :O(
Dinner was late last night. Almost epically late. Like 7pm.

Don't laugh. It's late for us. So the little ones didn't get to bed till 730pm. 

Not cool.   Especially now, the following afternoon, when the kids are being over-emotional, reactionary and complaining about other kids coming into their room. They -share- a room.  Anyone else see a slight problem with their logic?! 

Not that I really expect kids to make much sense in the first place. I know better. This isn't my first rodeo.  Which brings us back around to exhaustion. Yup. I know I've mentioned it a bit lately, but I'm tired a lot lately.  It makes it hard to be excited and energetic about life.  Hell, it makes it hard for me to think of jazzy fun topics to write about.

Yesterday's school visit went ok. Well, maybe. The boys were more like their normal selves, and I left them with the teacher for a bit, also I let the teacher guide them a bit more. The theory I figure is that my kids need to learn to respect the teacher's authority in the classroom, and I need to support that learning process. 

When we left she was encouraging me to come for the other 4 visits we had lined up. "they'll need them" she said. I agreed.  But nice conformation for me, as I had to ask for extra visits. Kids mostly get 2-4 pre-school visits at this school.  I guess she saw what I had meant when I explained SirTalks with  "you'll see when he gets here. and then you'll think 'oh so that's what she was talking about' "....

In other news....I stepped on a piece of glass about 10 days ago. In our kitchen. Weird.We hadn't broken anything recently, why are there slivers of glass lying around??

And my foot has been sore ever since. Also? the cut isn't healing. I rang for an apppointment with the doc today, speaking to the nurse at the same time. Did you know that glass can stay in the body for years? It doesn't work it's way out. It doesn't get infected. Which kinda explains a few things about how I thought I was going mental thinking it was weird my foot wasn't healing but wasn't getting infected....

But someone pointed me to this, which I think is brilliant.....  My kinda smart arse :O)

And then this.... which if this is normal twin behaviour, then our twins have never really been 'twins'. They were -never- like this. Not that we saw. Although Captain points out that maybe never saw it coz we were so busy with all the other kids..... But I don't remember this kinda thing even before Ginger was diagnosed with Speech Delay, and before SirTalks started talking quite so much.  

They have never looked alike, or had the same interests, or really joined at the hip.  "womb mates" really does sum them up  :OD


  1. Blimey, I just have the two and am going through the whole taking-forever-to-heal process. Surely they could invent an 8th day where everyone sleeps and mums just get to do nothin?! lovelovelove xxx

  2. Proof that God is a man then huh?? ;O)
    like the ending "lovelovelove xxx" Right back at ya babe!! *hugs* :O)