Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And so it begins.....

trying to back a good impression 
We went on our school visit yesterday, the Dynamic Duo and I.

It was interesting. 

There were a few, um, hiccups. Like the boys not wanting to enter the classroom when we got there.  And needing to leave the group at the playground coz Ninja had wet his pants, but didn't want to go to the toilet. Dragging a kid back across the school screaming (him. not me) is not a good look I can tell you.

Then there's mat time (the second time) when they didn't wanna sit on the mat with everyone else.

well, maybe not -that- good an impression
But, *shrug*  the teacher didn't seem too fazed by any of this, so I guess maybe they are normal little boys afterall. And not the hellion Demon Spawn Twins that I find them to be by the end of most days......

So maybe the school won't be reduced to ashes when they start, but it was only the first visit. They were probably on good behaviour, and time will tell when I leave them without me.  I live in fear of the school ringing me asking me to remove my boys coz they're too disruptive to class.  

I'll keep you posted   :O/ 

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