Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I really really really need to sort out my body clock so that I sleep at night time instead of being awake at silly hours like 1230am when I have work, and school and Playcentre in the day time.

So. Not. Cool.

But can I convince my brain to shut up and my body to settle to sleepies?

No it seems I can't.

And it's getting ridiculous.  It's not like I've been getting all that much sleep since the kids arrived 12years ago as it is.

 And once again the pic isn't being uploaded like it should. grrr. dumb dumb dumb dumb AND  more dumb  *LeSigh*

Altho, I will say, there are nice moments like being able to watch West Wing while I feed Monkey.  And cuddling with him in his cot coz he awoke with what sounded like a nightmare (not that that's nice for him).

Also good I am small enough to fit in his cot with him.  :OD

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