Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Captain Awesome

I was hanging shirts up in the cupboard for Captain Awesome the other week and I found these at the back smooshed up against the wall....

Now I know what you're thinking "if he's so freakin awesome why are you hanging up his shirts for him?!"  Actually what usually happens is he throws them on the ottomany thing we have for such a purpose as being a clothes holding station (amongst other uses)  until he needs to wear them to work again, or I get in a cleaning mode and hang them up for him.  He cleans the windows, ceilings and cobwebs up, also usually the really ooky jobs like the shower trap so *shrug* hanging shirts up ain't a biggie. Also? it's not like he expects me to iron them too.  :O)

So back to the nice, new ones I found at the back of the cupboard. I pulled them out, looked at them - barely worn, and think "hmmm, I don't remember the last time he wore these..."

I track him down, carrying them with me, to enquire as to why he doesn't wear these. Why he has only 4 shirts on rotation. Shirts that are starting to look a little bedraggled I might add, a little old. His answer?

And I would like you to keep in mind that he chose them, as he is particular about clothes, so I can't buy stuff for him (yes. He's worse than a fussy 3 year old girl. Bless his heart.)

When I asked why he doesn't wear the shirts he replied...

"oh. those are too fancy for me."  

Awesome. Captain Awesome Pants.  :OD


  1. We call it a floordrobe in our house :o)

  2. hehe. we utilise that as well! B bought an -actual- ottoman though, that we mostly use for clothes. :O)