Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It just wasn't that kinda week

Heading out to 'work'
Oh yeah. It rained today. Just a bit tho.
So, everytime I thought about sitting down at the puter and writing a post, it just felt wrong.

I either didn't have the words to describe the hell on earth that has become a major city in our wee nation - you're in my thoughts everyday Christchurch - OR some little thing I was thinking about sharing just seemed too trite in light of the suffering of my fellow countrymen (sic).

That time, really, still hasn't past. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon. It's the kinda event that has rocked our nation. And we thought our grimmest day happened earlier this year when the Pike River Mine collapsed.  Sadly no.  Christchurch was hit by another earthquake last tuesday.  

On a world scale for earthquake carnage, it probably doesn't even rate amongst the top ten. But for our wee nation of about 4 million, it's HUGE.

ugh. excuse me.  SirTalks has just come and reminded me that GingerNinja has "done a huge pond of wees on the toilet floor"  I better go clean that up huh?  *sigh*

So, anyways that wasn't what I was gonna write about today......I was gonna have a wee moan.  Yup, LittleToastFairy is gonna have a rant.  Those who know me IRL know that me and ranting aren't that unknown friends. But I have tried to keep things positive here, coz I'm aware this goes out into the interwebs universe for all to see.....and there are so many whiny blogs out there, particularly mommy blogs. Or maybe there aren't that many. It just seems to me that that is something that mum's get pigeon-holed into - whiny coffee drinking blah blah blah.

For the record most of the mum's I know aren't whiny. Well, not without good reason!!  The mum's I know work damn hard, for very little recognition and often with not a lot of sleep. It's joked about, but I reckon put some mum's on the front line defending their babies and tell them the enemy ate the last of the chocolate and we'd win before lunch.

Before breakfast.  Fuck I got better things to do with my day than to waste it all away on that kinda crap!!  :O)

anyways.....once again my verbosity has gotten away with me here's a list of things that have been pissing me off lately. In the last week mostly. But some more often than that! oh, and this is in no particular order either....
  • flies. all the fucken flies in my house. Yes I leave the windows open, so they'll fly in, but we have an ecomist that's supposed to kill the lil fuckers. And we have been spraying them too. But they JUST.WONT.DIE.  grrr
  • idiot drivers who don't give way at the roundabout I have to go around numerous times a day to get to our street.  This is when I have right of way, and they don't stop. Or stop, then edge forward, when really there is no room for this without clipping me. In our Van (yeah it's not like we can be missed).  With the kids in the back. Where their car would hit ours.  hmmm, not really great for keeping me calm.
  • Sick kids. Yeah I know, I'm whinging, but it's been 3 weeks of having at least one kid home from school with a cold/sniffy nose/sore throat/cough/feeling exhausted. And I've been feeling that way myself for at least that long too. Sorry Patience has run out. *mutter grumble* "Stupid bitch. Why'd she have to leave now??"
  • Other idiot drivers who think that the rules don't apply to them, so it's ok for them to talk on their phones while driving. This is not only illegal, IT'S STUPID.  Rules of the Universe however have shown that these idiots aren't the ones who will be hurt/killed, it's rule abidding citizens like me who pay the cost.
  •  And yeah while we're here, those pricks who think that indicators are an optional driver tool.  *facepalm*  I hate you all.
  • Little boys (particularly mine) who have been exposed to the ways of the toilet since they were 3, and are now 4 3/4 and yet still can't get themselves to the toilet before they pee in their pants. One of them can stay dry without a nappy overnight. Explain that shit to me. PLEASE.
  •  Also boys (oh, look the same boys) who think that pants are optional once the ones they are wearing are wet.  oh dear children school is going to be such a shock to your system.  Either that or my kids will be kicked out before they have barely started....

Not that I'm stressed about them starting school or anything.....

Yeesh. Listen to me.  ugh I can't bear to listen to myself anymore, 1st World Problems!

Time to shoot the gap before I scare off any readers I have left.

On a funny note, Monkey had a blocked nose earlier in the week, and wandered over with his finger well up his nose. I commented that that was a good plan, dig those boogers out buddy. Or something along those lines.   Captain then suggested he could flick it.

Monkey pulled his finger out and flicked his fingers.   Charming  :OD

p.s...I DID NOT teach him that trick. I dunno where it got it from, but knowing our family it's probably a genetically inherited skill.  Awesome.

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