Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing With The Big Boys.

Since yesterday or the day before, maybe a little longer, whenever I think about what I'm doing tomorrow I get this song playing in my head....  Thanks Prince of Egypt

So what am I doing tomorrow (today coz I got distracted and ran out of timet o write this....) I hear you ask?  

Good Question!  Remember how a while ago (like maybe right back near the beginning of my bloggin days), I mentioned that I go to Playcentre - a New Zealand born preschool educational place that supports the whole family too? And I apologise I tried to look back and make a link to that post, but again I ran out of time.  

Anyways, so this weekend is a National Meeting for Playcentre peeps. They are discussing changing the structure at a national level. We are a volunteer thing (I'm typing this early when I'm supposed to be getting dressed so forgive me please. I do believe my brain ain't awake yet!)  um, yeah, volunteers. And for 60 years have had the same structure, but as life changes we are finding as an organisation that it doesn't work on a national level anymore the way it works at a centre level.  We come to decisions by consensus - which means everyone has to be happy (or be able to live with) any decisions we come to. Everyone.  That's a big ask.

This restructuring conversation has been going on for about 10 years. 

So. This weekend, they really want an outcome. I so wanted to be a fly on the wall to watch how things work at a Federation level (that's what we call the national level. Regions are the Associations).  

How am I gonna get in? (altho, I'm fairly sure if I just mentioned interest somehow I coulda got to go. But I know I don't have anything to offer to the discussion as such, and if I went it would take the place of someone who had a clue. I offered instead (as it's being held nearby) to be a microphone runner.

All day. It should be interesting.  I'll let ya know.

Now if I could only figure out what to wear. I wanted to wear my new boots, but it needs to be a somewhat practical outfit if I'm gonna be on my feet all day.....  *leSigh*  :OD

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