Friday, March 25, 2011

There's Too Much....I'll Sum Up

Me in my Grandad's coat :O)
Yeah, I know I've used it before. But it's a good one.  Deal with it.  (and if you don't get it, shame on you. Go rent the video. *showing my age there, sorry*)  :OP

 So, this week?  hmm, it's been ok. I'm still feeling fairly knackered. Which makes for a GrumpyWeeFairy. Compounded by Captain being exhausted too, so he's grumpy at me coz he thinks I'm grumpy at him but I'm just tired and tired of living with a grumpy man which makes him think I'm grumpy coz I'm tired and he's tired of living with a grumpy tired wee wife. All up?

Good. Fucken. Fun. Times.  :O/

We'll sort it out. We usually do.  And we're still talking, so that's good. Also I know I still love him, and I'm -fairly- sure he still loves me. Even though he may not like me much right now. 
Going to the park today

I don't want to be with anyone else. Neither does he.  This just sucks. Being tired all the time. With no end in sight, no break from it. 

We have an early night, and the kids wake up. So, that doesn't work. And it's not like work, where you get a break, a weekend. Parenting is 24/7.

I kinda understand now why my parents struggled.

in my new fav shirt  :OD
And those pesky scientists devoting all that time to finding a cure for cancer when they could be developing a Sleep Vaccine.  #Dumb.

But hey, some good stuff from this week...... we've been getting monarch caterpillars round our front door. We don't have swan plants. It's weird.  Darling Girl had caught a butterfly the other weekend, then lost it in her room. All the windows and door were shut.  Weird. 

She found it again. Thankfully. I had visions of finding a smooshed monarch under a pile of clothes  :O/

anyways, so's been an interesting lesson for Monkey and Ninja who both it seems are fascinated with bugs. They weren't being very gentle at first.  

And then walking round on the path, Dude and I both stood on a caterpillar. In bare feet. Us, not the caterpillar. Altho, I imagine he woulda been barefoot too....  That was a weird moment. Something soft and velvety almost underfoot. Odd. 

But, then one curled up on the side of the house. It hung there for a day or so, so long without doing anything much that I thought it had frozen. Then today when we go back from the park I saw this.....   ------------->

a chrysallis.  Beautiful!  

SirTalks noticed it was swinging in the breeze. Now I just have to stop Ninja from sitting next to it blowing it, waiting for the butterfly to come out.  

It could be another long week *LeSigh*   :OD

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