Wednesday, March 9, 2011

today, I did stuff.

This morning,  I dropped kids off to their various places of entertainment, I mean education, and then headed off to "work".  This is going well.  Which is good.  :O)

And then by afternoon I'm wrecked. Which is probably an overstatement, but I'm tired, had some weird viral thingy that Captain and I seem to both have - or we have 6 kids.  No. You know what? It's been a worse tiredness of late. And that sucks.  

So. Here I am. Sitting on laptop catching up on online tv that I've missed by having a real life in the evenings.  And you know what else? I'm not really watching it either. It could be the radio. I'm listening to it while hanging on twitter, writing this, and checking out other sites.  Also I'm gonna read these.....

 It's been a while since I've seen a new one of these books. Altho when I looked at the published date it's 2004 or something, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.  

This is a little historical memory lane walking kinda thing, to read an Asterix book, as I grew up with them.  I didn't get all the jokes, but comics are easy to read when you can't read too many words, coz you can still follow the storyline.  It's such a great visual treat is Asterix.  

And it's set in Gaul (that's Southern France.  Yes I'm looking at YOU SIS  *grin*)

But I have been waylaid by a phone call, so haven't got around to reading yet. I will tho. that swing seat is calling my name.....

One last thing.... you know how your brain does funny things?  Little thoughts pop into your head before your consciousness kicks in and says "that's ridiculous!" 

I have one of these moments regularly.  It's coz of these....

As I walk out to the washing line. Which we have covered before is OFTEN.  6 kids = fuckloads of washing. 

And yes that's an official number. It's a high number.  Lots of digits.  

So as I walk out, I see these out the corner of my eye and think  "Circus!! yay." 

Then my brain wakes up and I realise it's just the empty gas station on the corner.  

So Disappointing. Which in itself is weird coz I've never really been to the circus all that much as a child.
But there you go. The brain is a weird thing.  :OD


  1. dude. Gaul is France. All of it. Plus the little village they live in is (I think, not 100% sure on this, but close) in Bretagne, Brittany, which is western France. Fairly sure they're not in the south of France. They wouldn't have as much rain (hehe, Cacofonix) if they lived in the south of France :D

  2. oh yeah, also, I'm liking your blog. Good amounts of amusing and banal :) plus I know other people (not even related to us!!) who follow it too!!! :D

  3. Yeah I know. *hangs head in shame* Dad pointed it out on fb that I fucked that up.
    But, meh, at least I knew it -was- some of France, not like other people we know!! ;OD

    and, yeah, also, it's kinda weird meeting people who read it - I got recognised a while back by someone. She saw me and said "are you liltoastfairy?" it was odd. Nice. But odd. Also it's weird when friends mention it, when I wasn't aware that they were reading it.

    All part of the experience I guess. :O)