Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank You

And there is no sarcasm there.  

I posted my 70th post the other day, and realised as I looked at my stats that I now have 4 "official" followers. And in talking to someone on twitter we came to the agreement that I have more than that!  


You guys obviously keep coming back to listen to my drivel. and for that, I Thank You.  *curtsy*

So, here's something I saw today that gave me a giggle - hopefully it will do the same for you too  :OD  


  1. oh oh oh!! and I forgot to mention *facepalm* a BIG <3 Thank You to the luverly folk who comment here on the blog page. It makes me feel all kinds of *sqquuueeeeeee* happiness.

    I dunno why. But it does. So, thanks!!

    That is all. *curtsy* :OD

  2. Should "curtsy" have an "e" in it?

    It's one of those pesky words that look right/wrong either way....

  3. Yay yay yay and I was follower #2!!
    "The internet gods" reckon it doesn't need an e

    And WOW 70 posts - you're a pro!