Wednesday, August 10, 2011

stuff & things

This is not my new tutu. It's my AWESOME silver skull stripey socks  :O)
I have an awesome new tutu!

Pics will follow - thanks to Captain Awesome we no longer have a Library, we only have an Office.  (ignore the fact that the "Library" shelf hasn't yet been moved from the room!)  We have 2 puters in the one space. and due to plug placement, or lack thereof, I have to use wireless with my puter (the laptop) which means, as the laptop only has one working USB port (yes it's on the list of things to replace....) I have to change my thinking about how I do this blog.  

That wasn't very clear was it?  Is it obvious I'm writing this far too late at night??

I feel bad for not posting more often - but I have been writing Policy, having kids off school, busy busy days. Not enough rest etc etc....

As for the photos - I have to download them to the puter  BEFORE I connect to the internet (which is where I write my blog) and I haven't changed that habit yet.

All this to say, I will endeavour to post pics tomorrow, but didn't wanna leave ya hanging - not that telling you I have a new tutu is much use without the pics.  You'll just have to believe me when I say it's AWESOME!!!

and now, I'm off to bed.  I is a tired wee fairy.  nighty night  *wave*  :O0


  1. What is scary to me, is that I actually followed what you were saying about your puter problem! *smile*

  2. Oh noes! you understnad my mad ramblings!! :OD