Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more "random" music....

A friend commented on my that last post that the last song was 


I replied that thanks to my eclectic upbringing, and some other odd influences over the years I have a, um, strange (well I think it is) collection of music stored in my head. And I have no idea what will pop into my head in the mornings. Usually in the shower. 

If I have enough time in the morning to stop for a second in the shower and let my brain float.

So this evening I was loading some music onto my new toy. love. phone. I came across this band which another awesome person introduced me to. I met this person through my brother, (or was it my sister?) on twitter. She is, I will admit, a little kooky. But in such a cool way. She is the awesome person I wish I had the guts to be.  *girl crush*

So @ZeroKNS this is one's for you. Wherever you are, stay safe, hope to "hang out" again soon!!

Oh! just found this one - it's a cover, but very very very cool....

Oh, alright! Here's another one by them....but after that you'll have to youtube them for yourself ok? ;OD  (AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes is good)


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