Monday, August 29, 2011

huh. weird.

This morning a friend invited me to a coffee group thing, which would have been nice to go to.

Instead I felt like this.....

Then I was hanging the washing out, and contemplating why I should be feeling this way. 

I have a ToDoList, but it's no longer than it normally is, and altho Monday is a fairly busy day for me, it's about the only one I have that's like that.  Well.   I do have half a dozen kids, but I should have adjusted to that by now. Shouldn't I?!?

Then this song popped into my head along with the thought "it'd be nice to feel like this"

needless to say, I'm in a weird space.

Again.  I think probably I should just find a way to get more sleep.  *snort*  like that'll happen.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this, courtesy of my brother Llearch *hugs* thanks for this one - it's my new fave (I was humming it at Playcentre this morning even tho I don't yet know the words all right)  You'll understand why when you hear it  :OD



  1. GRRRR!!! I left a really clever comment and somehow the whole thing disappeared! FFAAAAAARRRKKK!!!
    Anyway it went something like this.
    love the music clips
    want to knit those guys
    Mr T wants 'more? more?' of the knit guys
    wonder if they have pattern on Ravelry
    must make you and me some crazy slippers
    Llearch is your bro? always thought cousin and have NO idea how to pronounce his name and feel like a dork-stalker after saying that.
    and something else. grrr. darn you (shakes fist) for losing my clever comment!

  2. *giggle* I <3 you sooo much! *hugs*

    and OH HELL YES PLEASE to the crazy slippers - we shall ignore that winter is nearly over. Please the duck feet ones! so much the awesomeness!!

    and yes, Llearch is my bro - I have MANY many of them remember? I also have many male cousins too, *thinks* actually only one more male cousin than brothers but *shrug* still lots! you pronounce his name "Lurk" his fb title does explain it better, coz it's Llearch N'n'daCorna :O)

  3. *facepalm* I shoulda got that one. *giggle-snort*
    I do feel for your family, do you start forgetting siblings every now and then? hehe!