Saturday, August 6, 2011


So, I was gonna post a couple of times this week.....

And then I thought I could write something today - it seems I have a little more time and energy for this sorta thing on the weekends.

Sadly, that's not going to happen today. I have spent the week having meetings, mostly about that stupid ECE taskforce (and I would post links but I'm too tired - sorry for the slackness)....
Also, I am still fighting this cold. It's dumb. I'm not SICK sick, but more that I am weary. ALL THE FUCKEN TIME.  Again not enough to be useless, but just enough to be dragging my arse around. So while Captain Awesome has had 3 days off work this week sick, and I've had combinations of kids off school 4 out of 5 days this week, I have had to for the most part keep going. OK, I did spend a fair bit of tuesday in bed, but asides from that.

And how is it that when I'm sick things like cooking dinner, the washing, dressing kids & such are all still expected to be done by me? I know I know I'm the Housewife = it's the job description. But it bugs me that when I'm sick I still have to do them.  

Probably not a new complaint in mum-land so I'll leave it there.

And instead of my whining rambling bullshit I'll share a tune. It's what I was gonna post anyways, so you didn't think I'd forgotten all about ya   
Hope ya like it as much as I do :OD

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  1. Same here, sick week 5 now, and still I continue with all the normal "chores". No real day or much time off (and if I want/need I have to create it!) On the other hand I've grown sick of feeling sick so some "normal" routine is appreciated. Wonder if it was different when the extended families still lived together, that mum could have a break and the aunties and grannies took care of everything?