Monday, July 25, 2011

this week gone

Hey there stranger I hear you say.....

Sorry about that, things have been brewing here - government commissioned (in fact spent $154,000 or was it million - no that seems too high. But maybe it's not) on a taskforce, whose report is recommending cutting 63% of our budget. Oh yeah, I mentioned this afore haven't I?

Sorry. So the last week has been spent organising a Picnic at Parliament kinda protesty thingy. Somehow I have ended up as the head of it. I have had conversations with our Federation Co-President (that's National level people), and the Operations Manager (another Fed person)  plus ringing Security at Parliament, an email sent straight to me from NewstalkZB!

It's been a busy busy week. Coz I also had paperwork I was chasing from the end of term (stoopid stats forms from the Ministry of Education).  But those are mostly done now.

So I was gonna post about some funny things Captain Awesome has said lately....but I was busy, and now I forget them. Or remember them, but not the context. So not much use.

Then today we had SNOW!!  My wee home town had real actual down to the ground snow. I don't recall it ever looking as thick as this.  I have pics.

Sorry to say though, I'm feeling a bit crappy - can feel a sore throat coming on. Monkey is full of yummy green snot and subsequently had me up 3 times (he can get out of his bed, crawls into ours for a feed whenver he wants. In fact he only feeds at night now!) last night.  And Captain just suggested watching a movie together.

So I'm off to do that. I will post pics tomorrow of snow, and such other things that I have been thinking about during the week - I've run out of energy to do it now. 

Plus, I will def have some pics later in the week, from our wee jaunt to harrass those idiots at Parliament have a Picnic at Parliament.  Should be good times. Dunno how I got to be in charge, but Look Out MPs - Here We Come!!!  ;O)


  1. A picnic. With snow on the ground.

    Far be it from me to suggest you might be slightly on the wrong foot, there, but... have you thought this through fully? ;-]

  2. Sadly the snow is all gone now *sniffsniff*
    And sunshine is predicted for Thursday - so all is good!! :O)

    But no, even with that, I don't think I have fully thought anything through. It's how I keep ending up in crazy positions like emailing "big people" as I like to call them. I still don't feel like a proper adult yet. o_O