Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hey llearch do you do Hold Music too?

I've been wanting to post all week.

But then Monkey got sick (amongst all the other crap I have happening on an ongoing basis) and neither of us has been getting much sleep.

He woke in the wee hours of wed morn sounding quite wheezy. And hot too. and altho he was able to feed the noisiness of his breathing concerned me such that I rang Healthline (yay for NZ free call places!) They reckoned it was croup. 


So he was still on and off not sounding right by the proper morning so after dropping kids to school we went to the doc.  "his chest is clear" *phew* "it's a virus" 

"who told you? The Coast Guard?!?" Thanks Billy.  I so LOVE knowing that wee clip. 

so anyways, the rest of this week has been a mess of a poor wee boy who hasn't been able to sleep even though he looks like a zombie with black circles under his eyes, a pale face and whinyness. And a mum who due to the lack of sleep has no energy nor motivation to do stuff. 

And I don't mean the stuff like vacuuming (we all know I don't do that on a Good Day!) I mean the stuff that I need to do - work stuff. Stuff that has a deadline.  *facepalm* 

But now, four days later, the boy at least has gone for a sleep. I however am still in my pj's. All the things I have been ruminating on during the week, but unable to get to the computer to type them up are getting lost in my head. 

So I hand you over to Llearch and his hold music..... *whisper* coz I can't get the pics I wanted to post to load on this fucken piece of shit page so I'm giving up in disgust!!

Plus I have work to do. Not paid work. But work work nonetheless.  :O| 


  1. ... You'd get better hold music if you asked me ahead of time, you know.

    And then I could organise some, and record it, and put it up somewhere. And your viewers would get a laugh out of it.

    ... with a healthy dose of luck, anyway.


    I hope you're happy now.

  3. was a bit of a morbid tune, but otherwise, AWESOME! thanks man!! :O)

  4. tune? Which one? There were three of them; Never There by Cake, You Ruined Everything by Jonathan Coulton, and Want You Gone, the closing song to Portal 2 (hence the black humour, morbidity, etc) also by Jonathan Coulton.

    As you requested, I'll see about some Tom Learer next time, if you give me advance notice. :-P

  5. I'd love to hear some on hold music my llearch as well.