Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey you! Yeah you there, the one staring at me.

Would ya quit it.

Actually I don't mind the staring - when it gives you a smile to see me dressed the way I am.

But when I leave the house like this

Or like this

Or when I wear this kinda thing  
Or Even this kinda thing...

 Please just stop and think before you look at me like this

All my 'bits' are covered. 

And I'm not asking you to wear the same as me.  

I'm sane. No, really I am.  And I am still a functioning member of society - my kids behave in public, are polite to people, have manners and listen when I talk to them (mostly!) They are loved and THEY KNOW they are loved.  And yes I look like their older sister, but I can't help my height (there's only so tall a shoe I can physically walk in). Plus, so far, they're not embarrassed to be seen with me - in fact They LIKE my clothes. 

I'm teaching them freedom of expression, but with dignity, not at the expense of others. I'm teaching them it's ok to be different, to not follow the crowd, to be yourself. I'm teaching them to be tolerant.  And most importantly that I will love them, DO love them no matter how they dress - coz it's what's on the inside that counts!

Think about what you are teaching your children when they see you look at others that way. When they hear you talk nasty things about people, esp people you don't know. You don't know the story behind how they look. 

And maybe next time when you see someone dressed a little differently to you  give them a smile instead of a disparaging look. A smile that says "well done you for being you!!"  :OD


  1. Have you considered stilts? I thought you used to be able to use those...

    Although I'll admit it makes it hard to get the shopping home. ;-]

  2. isn't that why she had so many kids?? to get the shopping home I mean...