Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Protesting We Will Go

So. I promised talk of the protest?

It went REALLY well. I was blown away by how many people came. And with how amazing they were - it wasn't a yelly nasty protest. It was a peaceful family picnic event, just like Playcentre people do the best.  With balloons, singing, dancing and a bit of silliness.

Yes we had some MPs there. But it wasn't like some people thought it was (not looking at you Anne Tolley, Minister for Education)  She seemed to think it was a Labour event - WTF?!?  
These next shots are taken with me standing up on the corner of the statue that stands in front of the Parliament buildings, and haphaazardly (as is my way) panning around to show who and how many were gathered

Totally Awesome!!  :O) 

 Sorry, I lack the technical skills to make it into one streaming shot..... but you get the gist of it right?

But anyways..... It was great. Woulda been nicer if I hadn't almost lost my voice that morning. Thank you oh so very much to my friend R who helped me corral my kids all day!  And to my kids for being well behaved.  Typical Playcentre kids that they are tho, we go to Parliament for a picnic and one of them came home covered in dirt anyways.... *facepalm*

Apparently Dude was playing running around games with Padawan and slipped.  uh-huh.

I really shouldn't expect anything else from *my* kids by now should I?

on the plus side tho, I have PURPLE hair now  #WIN!!   :OD


  1. A very good sized crowd indeed - well done!


    Panorama photograph stitcher. You give it the images, and say "go" and it gives you a result.

    And it works on just about anything.

    As a bonus, the name of it is the same as the name of the company that Unca David works at. *grin*

  3. Thanks Llearch - you are a most excellent brotherly type. Awesome!!
    I will of course, most likely forget the info next time I take a bunch of roundabouty shots, but thanks all the same!! *hugs* :OD