Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I found my theme song!!

Now to hire myself a Theme Song Guy!  ;OD

Yup that's me. Birthday suit and all....

Surrounded by lunatic monkeys too  *sigh*  :OD 

P.S....coz llearch asked. here is Ginger's head.  Not a great shot, but I'm an amatuer, so *shrug* you know, bite me

You can see the bruise tho where he hit the corner of the table.
Awesome children that I have  :O/


  1. That's some excellent choreography there.

    Also an excellent song. I totally love it. ;-]

  2. backups in monkey masks:

  3. Haha I love that song too, but Mr T's started to tell me "I Will Turn Mummy Off!!" when I start singing it. Hmph. I still sing it to piss off his Dad.

    Hey is that your library in the background of the ginger-shot? Impresssssive!!

  4. Thanks Shorty - it's not so impressive though when you know that that's half of it you can see in the shot!! :OD

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome music on Friday, I had fun!!