Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oh yeah. a title. I always forget this bit....

a few things....

I did this last week..... coz why not?

Yeah I couldn't think of a good enough reason not to either ;O)

Today I was baking and I mentioned the slice had a "biscuit basey bit"  My brother sent me this link which made me laugh so hard I had to share it.  I've listened to it more than once now....

hmm, what else to share? 

Oh yeah - Captain Awesome is AWESOME and is letting me go to Nat Exec to play with the "big kids" of Playcentre!! And he's ok with me leaving Monkey behind with him. So YAY! weekend without the kids for me!  :OD

Then there have been these outfits, some days I'm not sure whether my dress sense is getting better or worse. This morning I just threw some leftover clothes (ie I had worn them once, but they weren't really dirty enough to justify washing them)  and came up looking like this...

Then there are days when I try and make a little effort.... can you tell the difference??

 But on the plus side, I FINALLY finished that scarf I was knitting. Oh I didn't mention it? yeah coz it was taking me forever!!  I have since learnt how to crochet (in my head it's *always* pronounced "crotchety" - doesn't that explain a lot!)  I went to the library with GorgeousGirl and learnt about making tiny crotchety animals called amigurumi.  So now I am making another scarf from crotchetyness - it's sooooo much faster. I'm nearly done and I've undone it about 4 times already to get it right!! Woot! 
Finished scarf in action

And lastly I leave you with more evidence that I am surrounded by lunatics, and there is no hope for any of us. 

This here is Monkey, my youngest. Already he's a fan of the "Wars"  *LeSigh*  :O{

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  1. BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!! HA! HAHAHAHA!! that is all. and... I like the base base base base I like the bu'ery biscuit base. HEEEHEHEHEHEEEE!!!