Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just call me pansy girl

Two stories today....

the other week I was telling a friend how Monkey wasn't really breastfeeding anymore. I had been out on a course all day with her and we were just chatting at the end.....

within 45 mins of me getting home, guess who was on my lap, curled up so his head rested against my boob, looking up at me like that damn puss in boots from Shrek. 

you know, this one

Then he says "please I want boob"

I offered "do you want milk?" (meaning of course cow's milk, in his bottle)

"No. I boob" 

Me: "you want boob? ok"
Him: "yes!"  fist pump included.  *eyeroll*

and what can I say? I'm weak.  But at least that time he fed properly. Not like the times after that when I swear he had, at MOST, half a dozen sucks.  "you done" "yes"  sheesh

So, suffice to say, the Jedi Mind Control Weaning "These are not the boobs you are looking for young one"  doesn't work so well.  *sigh*

Story number deux
Basically I'm a pansy arse. Well not entirely.

I have been thinking about a second tattoo, a littletoastfairy, for a while now. In fact have been in negotiations with an artist to design her.  Which is trickier than it sounds given I didn't have a definitive image in my head, nor can I draw much beyond stick figures.

But this guy - Simon Morse at ALC Tattoos in Cuba St - he is THE AWESOMESAUCE & GRAVY.

and yesterday he did the work for, here, meet liltoastfairy

She only took 2 hours, and it wasn't (mostly) as bad as I thought.  and totally worth it, coz I'm so stoked with it. Perfect.

The wussy part is that I was over at my parent's place tonight and kinda didn't tell them about it.  And I know my dad reads this *waves* "hi dad!" so they know now. 

Or soon will.

So, Sorry for being a fucken pansy arse, m&d, and not telling ya in person.
*runs away to Hamilton for the weekend*   :O)

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