Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something Had To Give

And I guess it was this.

Things have been kinda crazy lately. Mostly just that I've been crazy tired as much as anything else.  Weird.  I've had 2 naps in the last 2 weeks. 

Now, normally I will *rest* in the afternoons: read, hang out online, do a little low key housework maybe.  But this time I SLEPT.   Pity it didn't help overly much in the grand scheme, I'm still feeling whacked.  And my skin is going to crap - getting eczema in little spots all over.  Need to rest.  Anyone got any ideas on how I do that with Christmas holidays coming up?!? 

anyhoos..... Not helping with the feeling crap is that I badly sprained my ankle nearly 5 weeks ago. I've been seeing a physio. I had to. I never had before, but it just wasn't getting any better after 2 weeks of strapping it myself, icing it, resting it as much as I could etc.... It's still painful, still misshapen, still a little swollen. So I'm seeing a physio, and hopefully we'll figure out what's wrong and fix it. I'm SO FUCKEN OVER being in pain/discomfort all the time.

We don't talk about how I did it - long story short = I'm an idiot.

If you really really reaaaaally wanna hear the tale then you'll have to leave a comment. then maybe I'll tell ya.

On the up side tho, a local music shop found an album I've been looking for for *thinks* hmmmm, 15 years? since I wore out the tape version I had of it.  Been a nice coupla days revisiting music I love and have missed. 

As is per usual with me, I found a track that kinda sums up how life has been lately, so here it is.....  

Hopefully I'll find a way to post more often, coz I have missed it. But things, like I said have been a little busy, and other things have taken priority.....which is right. 

No less annoying tho  :O)


  1. Sounds like I might need to come visit you next week and bring some shorty-goodness. Like baking, or other food, or just me... Big hugs!! (I missed you on Twitter for a bit!)

  2. I really really really want to hear you tell the tale.

    Pretty please with sugar and almonds and jello on top?