Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End Of The Year "Blues"


Starting the day at 6am is not my thing at all.  Especially when I haven't been able to get to sleep the night before and only really nodded off at 4am. ish.

Yay for good books. 

Not so yay for kids who decide 6am is daytime.

Needless to say this morning I had a Nanna Nap. On the couch while the kids watched tv. Woke up in time to put Monkey in bed.   Nice.

Then this afternoon I did this....

yup.  Racing Stripes. In the hope it will make me feel "Zippier" and able to keep up with the kids these holidays.

Not working so far tho.....  :O.

I dunno why but I can't take good hair pics.  I try.

oh, and Llearch?  "fucken kangaroos!"  :OP 


  1. I'm around the corner - I'll do your hair pics ANY TIME...sometimes even at 4am....darn good books:)