Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all....

I was thinking I needed to write a post as it has been a while.....

But I am Le Tired. 

Had family gathering yesterday and it went better than I thought! yay!! My brother from London (one of) turned up - apparently Dad knew he was coming. Super cool to see him!

And then me, Captain Awesome, my Lil Lil Sis, her partner and my Big Lil Brother stayed up after putting the Tribe of Lunatics to bed - throwing a toy plane (which flies in crazy arse directions - we were constantly going over the fence to neighbour's place, climbing on the roof of our place to retrieve it!) balls and a frisbee around. Yes some of these were the kids presents. pffffffffttt  they were in bed.  :OP

Then we sat in the dark for a while, drinking gin.   Chatting till midnight.  How all good days should end I believe.

But then it was up for presents for the kids today. not so cool. 

Now the monsters are alseep again, and I think I will toddle off too. 

Take care of you and yours, probably see ya in the New Year - Captain is off work, the kids are on holiday, time to do stuff with them - which means I don't tend to get online that much!

oh yeah, the hair's now blonde. I will start posting pics again soon too  :O)

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