Friday, February 11, 2011

oh yeah ;O)

Me with my Sexy On for Date Night....pffft.
So, date night is going well. We've managed it every week since that first time. 

Altho we haven't left the house again yet.  On Date Night. For a second there we sounded like total hermit recluse shut-ins.

And sometimes (like tonight) we're a little later starting that we would like coz of kids and 'things that need doing'..... Yeah, ok that last one is usually me. Captain is pretty keen to start cuddles on the couch while watching tv in the hopes it will lead to "cuddles" in the bedroom. *winkwinknudgenudge*  and who can blame him?  We do it so well.  Helloooo?  Six kids remember?? We've been practising!!  ;O)

So the distractions and late starts are all me. He is waiting, nudging me, asking if I'm ready to start Date Night. And I'm here - doing homework with one kid, folding paper with another, thinking about the Playcentre notices I need to get out, hearing the washing machine beeping "I'm finished!!!" and Darling Girl's togs she needs for tomorrow are in there, also the dry washing needs getting in, oh yeah, and I'm typing this!!

Also wanted to mention that Date Night has kinda turned into "Have a Glass of Wine Night" and NO KIDS this doesn't involve you it's the H-less kind.

So, I'm off now, to watch something with my Beloved, and eat naughty snacks. And most likely Get Lucky later.

If we could just get all these jobs done, and the cranky kids settled to sleep.....  :O?

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