Monday, February 7, 2011

Slash and Burn

I've had this shirt for years & years....
Every now and then when I walk the kids to the car, I notice that the front garden has gotten a little overgrown, AGAIN. 

Cue internal monologue "wtf? I only cut all that shit down like, oh yeah, it was 3 months ago. and green stuff grows. I forgot. Stupid green stuff" Stomp off to car to take kids places. 

Then, even less frequently I get the impetus to actually do something about it. It's actually good that I don't garden more often, coz I have a kinda, um, Slash and Burn approach. A Scorched Earth kinda landscaping internal plan. I seem to have not a lot of patience for plants that don't produce edible things.  I do allow the occasional pretty thing. Sometimes.

So I got the trailer from my folks, and altho it was already a little over half full, I figured we would fill it up then empty it  "probably not until next weekend" an hour or so later I had all this cut down and piled up ready to go.
They don't let me have power tools. And with good reason!!

And I only used a pair of lopers, a fork and a hand saw. *insert sccent here* And my Big Strong Muscles!!

I should probably have taken a before shot so you can see the difference, but I got swept up in the "doing" of the gardening!! And now I can leave it for a few more months. so YAY!!  :OD

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