Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Job Interview Attire

Well, ok to be fair it's only kinda a Job Interview.  
It was more a meeting that I was being discussed at with the hope of having the job after it.   I wanted to make a good impression, make them think I was up to the responsibility. Have those that may not know me to understand that I was serious, an adult, capable and all that.

But I still wanted to be me. 

So I got dressed up in my new boots ;O) (I got lotsa compliments!)

And wore one of my fav tshirts. "Start as you mean to go on" was Captain's advice when I asked if he thought it was appropriate....

I kinda knew I had the position - a bit of a give away when the person calling you sounds grateful that you're even thinking about doing the work! But there are formalities - I have to be nominated, seconded, voted in, that kinda thing. 

Also, it's kinda voluntary.... I get paid but it's not much. But I'm ok with that coz I'm passionate about Playcentre. I know it's a great preschool option for my kids, for all kids, for all families. I know because we've been living it for the last 10 years. I know that without the support network I have gained, alongside my kids education, I would be more of a mess than I am now. Playcentre saved me: my sanity, and possibly the kids too. And I know that sounds melodramatic, but fuckit parenting is hard. Parenting twins is hard. Parenting 6 kids under 12 is fucking hard. 

I don't know how my parents did it and stayed sane.  

Or maybe that's the thing that gives - your sanity. Your sense of self. 

But I don't want to lose that. In fact I think Playcentre and all the amazing people I have met along my journey, all the things I have learnt about kids, and myself, has helped me FIND MY SENSE OF SELF.

Playcentre has been there for me, as a safe haven. I heard someone sum it up beautifully this week, sadly as she was thinking of how a parent reacted to the loss of her only child.  Horrific circumstances that I wouldn't wish on any parent.... 

"Playcentre is  the Pakeha Marae." 

Maori people (the native people of New Zealand) always link themselves back to their home marae,  the place where they were born, where their ancestors came from. But often as Pakeha (non-Maori New Zealanders) we don't have that connection to a place, something to anchor ourselves. I have definitely felt that growing up. I'm of English descent, but with no real connection to a specific country or place.  My parents moved here when I was a toddler, our extended family is all overseas. I don't have that grounding in my life. 

Well, I didn't until I came to Playcentre.  

Flower is Playcentre, the stars are our kids
And that is it. That is why I stay even though I find it so hard sometimes, working with other people, helping out with kids I don't always get along with. That is why I went so far as to get the Playcentre Logo tattooed on my arm.  Because Ko Whare Taakaro toku Marae.  Playcentre is my home, my family. 

Not to undervalue my real family - for they are just as important. But this is about the 'home' that I have found amongst a group of not-always-like-minded-people, but people with a common purpose - to give all families the best preschool opportunity at education that we can give, while still being there with them as they grow and learn, to support other families on that journey.

And finally my time to give back has come. Finally I have energy and time (ha!!) to give back to Playcentre, to more than just my centre. To support it as a regional thing, beast.  ack. words are failing me now.....

What I'm trying to say is that, I started work today. As the Association Secretary. Big responsiblity. Scary. But cool. Exciting too. I am looking forward to the challenges, and getting to know what I have observed to be an awesome group of like minded passionate about Playcentre too people.  

And YAY for a lax dress code!!  :OD

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  1. Awesome Ruth. Love your work, love your style, love you being you!