Saturday, February 19, 2011

argh! it happened again

Drat that pesky Real Life getting in the way of online goodness!

I have been slack in posting again my lovelies, and for that I apologise. And you would think with all my Too Busy-ness I would have heaps to chat about. 

But no. Sadly no. 

Well, maybe a few stories..... excepting that's it's hot here today in ToastFairyLand and humid too to boot. So here I sit at 4 pm on a saturday in my pj's still. Thank fuck they are summer shorty pjs too is all I can say.  I would post a pic, coz that's what I do, post pics of what I wear. But Lovelies, I wouldn't do that to your eyeballs. It would be cruel. 

I am unwashed, undressed - in  a pj kinda way. I do have a bra on, so at least my stomach and boobs don't meld into one giant wobbling mass of Oh good lord *headdesk* that was an image you really needed wasn't it? I shoulda just posted the damn pic. 

It's not like there's not worse out there on the interwebs. *sigh*

any's a yummy pic.  Freshly baked buns that yours truly made for hamburgers for dinner tonight. If you've not been fortunate enough to try these (as made by me) then commense being *JEALOUS* NOW!    

funny wee story time now....."are you sitting comfortably? then I'll begin...."
Ginger Ninja is a deep sleeper. He tends to sleep in A Lot.  (but, you know what, I hear him chatting away to himself in the dead of the night, so maybe he just sleeps in shifts. who knows? Kids are weird).  Because of the sleepiness of him we make him wear a nappy still at night (he'll be starting school next term so it's not so bad. I guess I think "still" coz his twin SirTalks has been dry at night for months now. Not dry during the day mind you, but at night no problems. What's with that? Little Fucker)

Sorry, got sidetracked there with my disbelief that this kid can't get to the toilet in time. 

But not the child the story was about....Ninja. In Night Nappies.  So. He's fairly good at his self cares and when he started being capable of taking his nappy off himself in the morning, we started teaching him to put it in the nappy bucket (not the wash basket. thanks. they both live in the hallway).  Last week, I noticed a wee rash on his junk so thought it was due to the cloth nappies sitting next to his skin, and thought I would put him in disposables.  

I didn't think anything about it all, when we were getting ready for school and Playcentre. Weird. But I didn't even click to where he was putting his nappies in the morning. Monkey had had a bit of an upset tummy at the same time, so he was in disposables too. So after a couple days when Monkey was back in cloths I was putting his dirty one away and noticed 2 disposable nappies in the nappy bucket.  hrm

The kid is clever. The kid learns lesson well, and quick too.  Maybe a little too well.  :O/

And they say he has devlopmental delay.   Yeah Right. 

Leaving thought.....some shoes to say the things you can't.  Perfect footwear for crappy work meetings I'd say  *want* 

 oh yeah, and word of advice....bee stings hurt like a motherfucker.  Yay for baking soda!! Not only does it keep my house clean, smell free, cleans the toilet, unblocks drains and such with it's best friend white vinegar, but also it fixes bee stings. (altho it still hurt for aaaaagges)  
If you haven't got some. Get some!!  :OD

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  1. Did i tell you about the Ninja at the gym? .. he totally pulled a "I Have Fallen. And I Cant Get Up" ploy..

    Ninja fals dramatically into the foam pit, spreads arms wide, gazes up at me with big doe eys ( I swear, they were like cartoon puppy eyes.)... and says "Halp Me" clear as day, then laughs, hauls his own butt out of the pit and continues on his way...

    I look forward to many more smart-ass little moments with Ninja and SirTalks :P