Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For those who have just joined us.....

Come in, take your coat off, relax!  We were waiting for you, you haven't missed a thing!! 

Let me give you a snapshot before I fall asleep on the key;kj OHhf'b l;kl'lkkkn

*snort*  *snuffle*  oh hello, where did you spring from? 

Our Clan consists of me (littletoastfairy) and Husband, Captain Awesome Pants.
We have managed somehow to spawn 6 kids - Padawan (11), Darling Girl (9), Dude (7), THe Dynamic Duo = Sir TalksALot (4) & Ginger Ninja (also 4), and Monkey (15mths). 

It's been a crazy ride so far our 12 years of marriage! We've rented for the most  part but finally bought a house just over a year ago. It needs some fixing up (and Captain wants to do a lot of it himself, even if he doesn't yet know how!), but it's fenced and the land is flat so the kids can be kicked outside to run wild, so we love it!! 

So that's us in a nutshell, now that I've convinced Captain to come home from work, I'm going to bed.  Something's not right with me, I'm exhausted. no, no, more than usual. 
And don't say it!! that's not nice.  :OP


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  1. if you're pregnant again, I may die laughing... :P