Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just another day in office wear

We had dressup day at Playcentre today, and in honour of that I wore my brightest tutu. Even got a great pic - thanks Darling Girl!

Then I left the camera at Playcentre *facepalm*  so I will have to catch y'all up tomorrow with how cool I looked. Altho, c'mon let's be honest here, "dressup day" isn't too much different than "everyday wear" for me.  It keeps me happy & the kids aren't embarrassed to be seen with me.  Yet. So I shall keep it up.

When they complain, then I will adjust my clothing. Maybe. 

Probably.'s some of the things I have been wearing lately. Prior to writing this I was taking photos and posting them on fb and twitter.

 I was trying to get them all across on the same line, but it doesn't seem to be working....

Buggerit. I was doing my blog writing during afternoon nap time, that didn't happen today. (The writing. Nap time happened Thank God!)  I thought maybe I could write in the evening, then Boy decided he would cry for an hour or so instead of sleeping.  Cool. Thanks.

So, just scroll down to see the few pics I have posted. 
And thanks for your patience! I'm sure in time I will get the hang of this.  Not yet though. 

 Yup...  I have to say though, I do love that I have the freedom to dress like this if I want to.  I will say that it is the best perk of being at home mum....I do have to remind myself of this though, coz, as I'm sure others who have gone before me have said, the hours and pay suck arse. And even though for the most part our kids are cute and good and well behaved, it is easy to feel stuck in a rut. To feel like I have done nothing of consequence in a long while. Nothing that won't be waiting for me to do it again tomorrow.

Case in point - I felt a real sense of achievement that I managed to wash some floors today.  :O/

Enough tho'.... Thanks Tim Minchin* for reminding me that "some people have it worse than me...."  listen here   :OD

*M&D you may not like this guy so much...Listen at your own peril! 

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  1. Oh I know, some might say my hourly rate for my casual ($16ish an hour) job is abysmal... and then I reminded them that pay for my REAL job (mother extraordinnaire) sucks arse!!
    It's not even like Aussie where they give you a few hundy when they're born. *sigh*
    Love the outfits as always!! xx