Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh FFS - I want a do-over.

This morning I want to crawl back into bed and have the world magically make things better.  That's likely to happen right? yeah I thought as much.

here's the deal....
firstly I had to get up - that's always a struggle. Bed is so warm and snuggly. and quiet. Then there's the usual bickering at the breakfast table. ugh, so OVER inane squabbles! While feeding yougnest, and having cuddles (the nice part of the day) I discovered spots on his hands, then his feet....tried to see in his mouth, couldn't get past his teeth. I'm keen to know child's health but I'm not that much of a sadist. My children have sharp vampire teeth *ahem* incisors.

And dammit I had plans for today!! I made plans! Me. Who is happy in pj's hanging out at home all day. We were going out to see people. and now we can't. *mutter* *grumble*  stoopid sick kids.

We've had a bad run this winter with sicknesses (it's spring down here).  We've had Black Lung and Pony Flu. All of us. And let me tell you when you have 8 people sick in a house at the same time it's bad. A sea of used tissues. A symphony of hacking and gagging, sniffing and coughing. And Grumpiness! Oye!

I. Am. SO. Over. Sick Kids.

I don't wanna drag 6 kids to the doc to be told it's viral (I looked it up online! Hand Foot & Mouth = viral. NOTHING they can do for you. Plus it's communicable = keep child away from other kids. How The Fuck do I do that?! Lock him in his room?)

oh! and and and make sure they wash their hands to stop the spread. He's 15 months old. huh? *sigh* 

Can you answer me this...why are all the pics online Worst Case Scenario? Text books aren't much better. In my former life (an awesome friend of mine calls it BC - Before Child), I trained to be a nurse. I still have the books so I can look up things when kids are sick, and compare them to the pics to know whether I should start worrying yet or not. But the pictures are always so Nasty. Why would I wait that long before seeking help?!  What kind of masochistic parent do you think I am? I know I'm lazy, but that's just mean!!

Where was I?  I have no idea. I'm sure I had a point somewhere....*looks around*  maybe it's with my keys. Or the pairs of all those poor wee odd socks languishing in the bottom of the washing basket.*grabs a stranger wandering past*  HEY! have you seen my point??  No?

hmm...actually long story short, we went anyways. Don't look at me like that! I asked the mum before we went and she was ok with it. She has kids too, and is reasonable about it (Like most Playcentre mums I know). **

And actually now, with one child alseep and the others entertained by screens the day doesn't look so bad.  Even with grey clouds over head the washing has dried. I know that makes me a sad wee thing, I should be worried about so many loftier things. I do. I care about global warming, international crisises (screw it. spelling can bite me today), political idiots and the rising cost of living. It's important stuff. No, really, I do think it's important to care about such things.

But here and now, it's nice that I don't have to put the 3 loads of washing I have done today thru the drier. Dryer. (Aw crap. They both look wrong).

Now if I can just get dinner sorted,  kids fed & in bed before I lose my mind, or fall asleep standing then we'll be golden. I think maybe I'm just not a Morning Person. In fact I'm fairly sure of it.  I should be doing all this stuff at midnight. Then we'd all be happy.

I'm sure it's achieveable. Really. Somehow.    *sigh*   Maybe just not in my world. Where is my bed again?


  1. but crises is LESS work than crisises?

  2. This is my once a monther...

  3. all those poor wee odd socks languishing in the bottom of the washbasket

    Don't you mean under Mount Washmore??

  4. DelusionalGirl, I've just started reading your blog and am enjoying it sooo much. Probably only three entries and I'm laughing and agreeing all the way, lots in your life in mine also!

    I'll keep on reading bit by bit.

  5. keep up the good work sister :3