Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Day In The Life....(a.k.a No Wonder I'm Exhausted)

A little background info...so you can follow the mayhem.  We have 6 kids - #1= boy, #2 = Darling Girl, #3-6 = boys I was trying to think up witty names for them all, but there are 6 kids people! I got half way thru and couldn't think of any more nicknames, they may happen as this progresses, I'll keep you posted. Husband is Captain Awesome Pants.  They range in age from 11 - 14 mths, including a set of non-identical twins (4 years). These are approximate ages. It's just too hard to keep track. *sigh*

Anyways....this is my day.
Child #6 wakes, let's call him Boy.  He slept most of the night last night so I should complain, but it's just so damn early! Captain Awesome got up and brought him thru to our bed for a feed, then I put him back in his room (he shares with #4 & #5) to play for a bit. 
I'm not ready to get up yet. But it's Bread Making Day, so I put some in the machine and make myself a coffee. Boy came out so I give him some food. Then I take coffee and disappear back to bed, snuggling up with Husband who is home sick today. 
Boy comes into room, up I get again and ask Darling Girl to play with him. Break up a fight in the toilet between #4 & #5. As I wander back to bed I note that #4 is playing in room. Pantless. I repeat the daily mantra "Get your pants on!" 
Tell #5 to take off his night nappy (altho he has some Developmental Delay he is capable of this task). I notice that Boy needs changing, so I do that. Wash my hands. Continue the mantra to #4 "Put down your toys and put your pants on!" Oh look #5 is playing with him. "you put your pants on too!" 
I unlock the front door, go out to laundry and put nappies on to wash (yes I'm a sadist. I even dry them on line outside when it's sunny).  I give the nappy bucket its weekly wash then put it away. Wash my hands again.
Remind #5 to wash his hands. 
Disappear back to bed. It's the holidays, we don't have to go anywhere today. I drink my coffee (lukewarm) trying to wake up. Read my book a little, while having a discussion with Husband as to who's fart smell is stinking up the bed. Oh the glamour! oh yeah people, we're still in the Honeymoon Lovey-dovey stage of Marriage....  Background serenading of Lego scrabbling from 2 different kids rooms. 

There's no more escaping reality. The kids have decided it's time for breakfast, and all the commotion that accompanies this. I drag myself out to supervise. ok, watch while they feed themselves and try not to let things get *too* out of control. It's too early for cleaning up messes.
The washing machine is beeping - time to set nappies on wash cycle.  Make breakfast for Boy, and myself a cup of tea while I'm in the kitchen. Clean up a mess on table from spillage. Thanks once again #5 for not being careful when you eat. Remind #1 he's not in charge. Watch #4 make Darling Girl's breakfast for her - so sweet! Wipe a nose, and  put Boy in his chair. Start to feed him. tell #4 to stop talking and eat. Reheat my tea. Pour hot water on #3's weetbix (Ugh! I dunno how they eat it like that!). Continue feeding Boy his weetbix. 
Text a friend to arrange a play date this week (found out later that her number has changed. *facepalm*). Ask #1 to have a bath after breakfast - he has a broken arm and it's easier to bath than shower. Talk to #4 about why #1 has to have a bath. more questions from #4 - Captain Awesome is squseezing lemons "mum whatis that?"  (note: he hasn't finished his breakfast yet)

There is more from the breakfast table -*affect Spanish accent* "No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marry Humperdink in little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in. Break up the wedding. Steal the princess. Make our escape. After I kill Count Rougen."**  Wait. What?

I might kill someone by day's end. We'll see how things go. 

Back to my day - Husband has decided that mocking me about the time it has taken to note all this down as opposed to what I have done this morning.  (He would like it noted that I haven't at this point typed it up yet! Smartarse.)   Love you too Husband. :OP

Help #1 with running the bath. Dress #6. Yell at all the others to get dressed. Try to find time for breakfast myself. Blow a nose. Change the sheets on Boys bed. Remake it. Boy comes to me for another feed so I get distracted from things....

I thought that it would save time to write down what I am going to do - but I am still unfed and in my pjs. *sigh*
Although on the up side I was distracted from finding food for myself by cleaning the breakfast table and putting away last nights dishes. So that's a couple of jobs done! *Big Smile*  well done me. *rolls eyes* 
I try to achieve things by multitaksing while I feed. I decide that clipping finger and toe nails is a good combination job. another job done. TICK

WOOT! as Captain Awesome is home sick he has made porridge so I get to eat breakfast today. Before Lunch time. Before I fall over.  Sadly my cup of tea has gone cold. again. 
and it's only 9am.

(I'm writing this in a notebook as I go) Discovered that #1 has drained the hot water tank while running his bath.....guess I won't be getting dressed anytime soon then. Or I will. but will be Stinky Mum. Maybe we'll just continue the love affair with my pjs.

I set out with this post to impress you all with the myriad things that I achieve in any one day.
Failing that, it was to be a chronicle of what wastes my time so I don't manage to get the things done that I want to. (Yes you know it ladies, Housework doesn't count as a thing I *want* to do!)

But it's not yet 930am, there's bread that needs taking out to rise in the sun, my breakfast is going cold and all this note taking has left me in need of a nap.

This list just ain't gonna be completed. 
So sue me.

** Exerpt from The Princess Bride. Just in case you didn't know it. Where have you been? Mars?  :OD


  1. Well, i could suggest, for the seven children in descending age:
    1. Captain Awesome Pants
    2. Ensign Cholic
    3. Darling Girl
    4. Ragesaurus
    5. The Viking Child
    6. The Alien Baby
    7. The Denouement

  2. Apparently 5 and 6 are backwards
    and the 'The' is unnecessary I think ( but The The is never unnecessary

  3. Yeah, what laughing_boy said...

    I can do it for 8 kids, so you should be able to manage 6 given you have the genes from both your awesome parents....

  4. Background serenading of Lego scrabbling from 2 different kids rooms.

    Ah, that brings back memories of a small girl sitting in the middle of a sea of Lego while her three older brothers do their thing around her...