Wednesday, October 27, 2010

idiots, bacon and snazzy new library excitement

Yeah that's me, the idiot who once again wore her tutu ish skirt on a windy day.... sheesh  *face palm*  I'll learn. eventually.

This is dinner tonight, it doesn't show as well as I had hoped, but I *think* I may have over done the amount of bacon.  *shrug* I figure, hell, you can never have too much bacon right?! *grin*  yeah....I know, "it's just a wafer thin mint"

Short post today - those are the highlights - I'm an idiot. and chicken salad with WAAAY too much bacon = the perfect amount of bacon.  hmmmm bacon....

I like bacon too it seems. Not just chocolate. Thankfully I'm not at the point where I feel I need to carry bacon around in my bag. 

Although today that day feels not so far away....

I'm off now, coz I wanna have a chance to see the new library changes without my kids in tow, before it shuts in half an hour!!  EEEEP!! 

Gotta fly!! :O)

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