Monday, October 11, 2010

boys. sheesh!! *rolls eyes*

Spring my arse!  :O)

I was going to write about something else today....I had plans. 

Silly me. 

I have a slight dilemma...well, it might not be that yet. But it has the makings of some serious social awkwardness.  I'll throw it out to y'all and see if you can help with it.

My 15mth old finds great delight in having his hands down his pants. He wanders round when the kids are playing outside with a satisfied smile on his face.  Happy as Larry (that crazy little cucumber!)  It started a wee while ago, and the habit in and of itself doesn't really bother me. He's a boy, I'm sure it feels good - who can blame him? I know it's not sexual at this age. I'm not so worried about cleanliness - I keep on top of that.  

For the most part.

He doesn't seem to wanna play when he's dropped a load in his shorts. For that I am thankful!

Now, let me clarify, if that was all it was just a little alone playtime, if wouldn't bother me.  I don't really like being crouched down to chat with him though, just to turn around and find a willie poking his head out. Although there are worse things I guess.

And it's a little embarrassing when he's practically taking his pants off at Playcentre...happy just to have the freedom to play! 

OK. It's kinda cute. Well, maybe it's him that's cute.  

He's a smart kid too.  In the past he has got the muffin tray out of the baking drawer and put it in the oven. Empty, but still. & I swear he played a joke on me earlier today....
I was feeding him (he's a happy breastfeeder) and I was talking to him as I do. I mentioned something about him not hitting me in the face as I didn't want his peepee hands on my face.   He looked me in the eye, put his free hand in his trousers, then put his hand on my face and grinned. 


And I think in the end, that's the kinda thing I DON'T want to encourage. The thing that's kinda cute the first time, when he does it at home, but that won't make him any friends if he takes to doing it when we're round others....

But then he is a boy. I guess I should just accept that he's gonna have some nasty games and weird habits huh?   :OD

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